Šabac, 21 March 2023

First Fair for Gifted Children and Youth in Šabac

To mark the International Day of Gifted Pupils, March 21, the City of Šabac organised the first Fair for Gifted Children and Youth that gathered all 20 primary and secondary schools from the territory of the city along with four institutions and organisations engaged in education. The manifestation was organised within the project "Science Centre - Factory of Ideas for the 21st Century" funded by the European Union in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration through the EU PRO Plus programme.

"We are sending a great image from the City and the Fair for Gifted Children and Youth which we,  thanks to the support of the European Union, have organised with our partners, the preschool institution "Naše dete", the Centre for Professional Development, the Educational Association "Sunce" and the Association of Teachers. We are jointly implementing a project that involves the establishment of a Science Centre for talented children in order to provide them conditions to develop, and receive the support required to achieve top results", said the Mayor of Šabac Aleksandar Pajić.

As the Mayor added, the City allocates substantial funds in the education sector and support to educational institutions, because education is a pillar of development of  society and investing in knowledge pays the best interest.

With the European Union grant in the amount of almost 180,000 Euros and a significant co-funding of the City of Šabac of around 280,000 Euros, the building of the Science Centre will be completely reconstructed with equipped cabinets for physics, biology and chemistry, multimedia classrooms, internet cafes, as well as 14 three-bed rooms for accommodation of children from all over Serbia, who will be able to attend thematic programmes for talented children. The Fair is one of the activities that the City of Šabac organised as part of the project in order to contribute to its sustainability.

"Today's Fair for Gifted Children and Youth, where all our educational institutions and organisations are present, is a kind of talent show of all our gifted young people. We want to draw the attention of the public and bring this topic into the light so that young, talented and creative people get full support for the development of their capacities and talents", said Ana Marinković, Head of the Department of Social Activities of the City of Šabac.

As Dragana Novaković, Infrastructure Sector Manager in the EU PRO Plus programme said the "Science Centre - Factory of Ideas for the 21st Century" is recognised and supported as a project through which the City of Šabac plans to provide organised, systemic and long-term support to gifted children and all project activities, including today's fair, serve to encourage the development of the most gifted youth.

"The EU does not see its interventions in infrastructure through the EU PRO Plus programme as just an investment in "cement and bricks". In the selection of projects, the focus is always on the overall wellbeing of the society through enabling better access to social services for the local population. In this case, in Šabac, it is an investment in the youngest, in developing their skills and knowledge, but also their readiness to step into the world of adults and make it better for their fellow citizens", said Dragana Novaković.