Nova Varoš, 21 February 2023

EU supports the reconstruction of the building of the Preschool Institution "Paša i Nataša" in Nova Varoš

With the support of the European Union (EU) the works on the reconstruction of the building of the Preschool Institution "Paša i Nataša" has started in order to improve the conditions for stay and quality preschool education for about 280 children. The EU provided more than 179,000 Euros for the renovation through the EU PRO Plus programme, which is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration.

The reconstruction of this preschool facility,  built in 1979, includes the replacement of external doors and windows, ceramic tiles and electrical and plumbing installations, the construction of a fire access, the renovation and equipping of the kitchen and laundry room, while the HACCP standard for food safety will be also  introduced.

"The improvement and development of preschool education is among the priorities for the Municipality of Nova Varoš, as we are expanding the capacity, improving conditions, but we have also provided support in the employment of kindergarten teachers and medical workers. Now, with the EU grant, we will significantly improve the conditions for the stay of Nova Varoš children in the kindergarten", said Radosav Vasiljević, the Mayor of the municipality of Nova Varoš, which is participating in the implementation of the project with more than 34,000 Euros.

The deadline for the completion of works carried out by the company Građevinar from Ivanjica, selected in the public procurement procedure conducted by the municipality of Nova Varoš, is 90 days.

The project in Nova Varoš is one of 32 local infrastructure projects in the regions of Šumadija and Western Serbia and Southern and Eastern Serbia that the EU supports through the EU PRO Plus programme with more than five million Euros in order to improve the quality of life of people through the  renovation and reconstruction of educational, health and social care institutions, sports and cultural facilities, and improvement of communal infrastructure and public administration buildings.