Boljevac, 12 September 2022

Improving water supply in Boljevac with EU support

The municipality of Boljevac with the support of the European Union (EU), has started works on the completion of the water supply network in the central part of the village of Podgorac in order to ensure a stable water supply for more than of its 1,500 inhabitants. The EU has provided almost 180,000 Euros through the EU PRO PLus programme, which is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration, while the municipality is participating in the project with over 86,000 Euros.

The works include the construction of a 2.2 km secondary water supply network in the part of Podgorac where the primary school and the local community are located, thus being a part of the municipality's efforts to solve the issue of water supply in the central and rural areas of the municipality.

“The works on the construction of the water supply network in Podgorac, the largest village in our municipality, are of great importance because the residents will receive a new water supply system. We continuously invest in water supply in the municipality, the main pipeline has been reconstructed, while special attention is given to the villages in order to ensure equal living conditions for all residents", said the Mayor of Boljevac, Nebojša Marjanović. Further, in Boljevac, with the EU support, a primary and secondary sewage network was built on the right bank of the Arnauta River, which improved the quality of life of the local population through the improvement of hygienic conditions in this part of the municipality.

The project will also entail organisation of workshops and round tables on the topic of preserving natural resources, green energy from renewable sources, waste management and energy efficiency so that all local actors are actively involved in the improvement of the environment both in the village of Podgorac and in the entire municipality.

The deadline for the completion of works to be carried out by the company Obradović - Inženjering d.o.o. from Kuršumlija, selected in the public procurement procedure conducted by the municipality of Boljevac, is 90 days.

The project in Boljevac is one of 33 local infrastructure projects in the regions of Šumadija and Western Serbia and Southern and Eastern Serbia that the EU supports through the EU PRO Plus programme with more than five million Euros in order to improve the quality of life of people through the  renovation and reconstruction of educational, health and social care institutions, sports and cultural facilities, and improvement of communal infrastructure and public administration buildings.