Bela Palanka, 14 March 2023

Better water supply in Bela Palanka with the support of the European Union

With the EU grant worth almost 180,000 Euros, the Municipality of Bela Palanka has started the reconstruction and extension of the water supply facility "Vrelo" in order to ensure a stable supply of water to the population in the urban part of the municipality. The EU funds are provided through the EU PRO Plus programme, which is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration.

The reconstruction of the water supply source facility involves the works on the construction of internal and external carpentry, facades and floors, as well as the installation of sanitary facilities. It is planned to install three centrifugal, spiral pumps with a capacity of 55kW, as well as a complete chlorination system. The works will also include power installations, power supply to the facility, as well as automatic control of the new pumping station.

"We have been working on improving the water supply system in the entire territory of the municipality, both in the central urban area and in the villages. Now, with the European Union support we have commenced the reconstruction of the  water supply source at Vrelo, after which the capacity of the source will be increased, we will have fewer breakdowns, and most importantly, the water supply will be stable", said Goran Miljković, Mayor of Bela Palanka. As he added, in the coming period, the reconstruction of the water supply network and the replacement of all asbestos pipes will be done, for which the municipality prepared the project documentation together with the Office for Public Investment Management and the funds from the World Bank loan.

The works performed by Hidrokontrol from Niš, selected in the public procurement procedure conducted by the municipality of Bela Palanka, will last 120 days.

The project in Bela Palanka is among the local infrastructure projects in the regions of Šumadija and Western Serbia and Southern and Eastern Serbia that the EU supports through the EU PRO Plus programme with close to six million Euros in order to improve the quality of life of people through the  renovation and reconstruction of educational, health and social care institutions, sports and cultural facilities, and improvement of communal infrastructure and public administration buildings.