Objective: Enhanced competitiveness and resilience of SMEs and their ability to recover from the negative impact of COVID-19 through support provided by the beneficiary BSOs.

Total Indicative Budget: 500,000 Euros

Amount to be awarded per individual project: from 20,000 to 50,000 Euros

Eligibility Criteria: The following types of Business Support Organisations are considered eligible: Regional Development Agencies, Business Incubators, including co-working spaces and hubs, Clusters, Science or Technology Parks, Associations supporting businesses, Chambers of Commerce and Research Institutes and Academic Organisations.

Scope: The Call is open for projects that will contribute to improvement of SME competitiveness and/or enhancement of the business environment for the SMEs registered in the territory of the 99 Programme local self-governments in the two statistical regions: Šumadija and Western Serbia and South and Eastern Serbia.

All actions under this Call should be based on local/regional and/or national development plans and implemented in an integrated and targeted manner.

The eligible activity themes under this Call include: Digitalisation of SMEs, Greening of SMEs and introducing circular economy, Resilience of SMEs, Marketing and internationalisation of SMEs, Standardisation and Financial instruments.

Deadline for submission of applications: 02 February 2022, 24h.


Read the full text of the Public Call for Proposals.


Online info-session - Public Call for Proposals for Business Support Organisations